Judge Signs Order Dismissing Manslaughter Charge Against Former CPD Officer


COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI)-We have new developments in a story we first reported Thursday.

The manslaughter charge against former Columbus Police Officer Canyon Boykin has been dismissed with prejudice, meaning the case is now closed permanently.

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Circuit Judge Lee Coleman signed the order on Monday.

Boykin was charged in the 2015 shooting death of Ricky Ball.

This a sticking point with many who are upset over the attorney general’s decision.

On Monday, dozens of protestors gathered outside the municipal complex hoping to see the decision overturned.

During the peaceful protest, people were signing petitions in hopes of a different outcome.

All of that was before the order was signed.

Many who were at to the demonstration said they were heartbroken and devastated after finding out about the judge’s decision to sign off on the order.

Now protestors hope Attorney General Lynn Fitch will hear their voice and think about the impact the case is having in the community.

“That’s disrespectful for after what happened up there in Minnesota, for you to come back and do that right after that with no explanation, just two paragraphs, come on,” said Jovan Buckley, who participated in the protest.

“My reaction is not fear, I’m not intimidated, I’m not afraid to talk to Attorney General Lynn Fitch face-to-face by herself behind closed doors if she needs to be, I will work with her,” said David Horton, who helped rally the crowd together during Monday’s protest.

“It can go on for so long until somebody actually agrees to get up and speak about it,” said Jermaine Shanklin,” who helped put on the event. “We’re just tired of it and we need justice.”

Several in attendance Monday, including Horton say they will continue to fight for justice in their community.

Along with signing the petitions, people who came out to the protest were also able to register to vote.