911 dispatchers are needed in Columbus

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) – 911 dispatchers are needed in Columbus.

Lowndes County EMA director Cindy Lawrence says she’s looking for two full-time dispatchers.

The need continues to grow in more areas in Columbus.

Pay and workload are just two of the areas that folks aren’t pleased with within the job.

However, Lawrence feels that those that are willing to help their community could prosper in the field.

“It’s been difficult because sometimes you bring people in and it’s not what they think it is they think it’s just “911 what’s your emergency” well its so much more than that. It’s what comes after that one statement and it’s something that people don’t understand..If there are people that are really interested in becoming a 911 dispatcher you know you have some good qualifications in typing and speaking and can handle high stress those are the people I’m looking for,” said Cindy Lawrence, Lowndes County EMA Director.

Lawrence says if anyone is interested in becoming a dispatcher to come and get an application

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