A Columbus resident had a bullet go through her patio window

Columbus investigators are still back and forth, working the scene of a weekend shooting

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI)- Columbus investigators are still back and forth, working the scene of a weekend shooting. The shooting happened Sunday afternoon at Cypress Park Apartments.

Police Chief Fred Shelton said no witnesses came forward; however a resident who wasn’t there at the time came home to see that her patio door window had been shattered by a bullet.

A Sunday afternoon shooting at Cypress Park Apartments left one person grazed by a bullet and one resident in disbelief. Lashone Taylor lives at Cypress Park, she wasn’t at home at the time of the shooting, but came home to this.

“At first I knew there was a shooting in this apartment in this building but I had no idea until I entered my apartment with the police that I saw my patio door shattered as well and a bullet was laying in front of my couch,” said Taylor.

Sunday afternoon Taylor left home to run an errand, and that’s when she got a call about a shooting near her building.  Twenty minutes earlier, and her grandchildren would have been in the direct line of fire.

“They had been playing in front of that patio door all morning and I had been sitting on the couch right in front of the couch right where the bullet landed in front of,” said Taylor.

Fortunately none of them were harmed; however the shattered glass Taylor sees every time she goes in her living room continues to raise a concern and a question.

“The thing that really upset me was because it was a neighborhood full of children and you have these two opposing cars shooting at each other; there’s no excuse for that you know children are dying and getting shot everywhere so are we waiting for it to happen here next,” said Taylor.

Taylor said she wishes that Cypress Park Apartments would get some surveillance cameras with all the crime that goes on in the neighborhood and hopes that

people get this message before it hits close to home for them as well.

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