A double homicide in Aliceville, Ala. leaves two brothers dead and one in jail

Situations can escalate; even in families

ALICEVILLE, Al. (WCBI)- Two men were shot to death in Aliceville Alabama on Saturday, September 4, 2021, around 5 p.m.

45-year-old Raymond Walker Jr. and 43 Cedric Walker were shot to death in their mother’s driveway Saturday on Franconia road. When officers arrived they arrested 40-year-old Michael Walker. He is being held in the Pickens County jail, charged with two counts of capital murder. The three men were brothers.

“Mr. Walker had been dealing with some mental issues. If you have any family members that are dealing with any type of mental issues educate yourselves in order to stick with your family,” said Aliceville police chief Tonnie Jones.

Jones said that he knew the Walker family personally and feels for the mother to have lost three sons (two dead and one in jail). Situations can escalate; even in families.

“If you see something, say something, do something. That even goes if it’s in your house with your sons, with your daughters, your family members, moms whoever,” said Jones.

Jones said there’s one thing you can do to prevent situations like these from happening.

“Someone that’s dealing with mental illness does not need to possess at any time or have a firearm in their possession because you will have incidents like these,” said Jones.

A court date has not been set for Michael Walker, but Jones encouraged those that were at the scene that night to not put themselves in a position of facing charges.

“If you do have pictures or videos of this particular scene I will ask you please ma’am please sir respect the family. Delete and don’t post anything on social media because you can be charged and prosecuted,” said Jones.

Jones appreciates all agencies that helped in arresting Walker.

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