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PONTOTOC, Miss. (WCBI)- History was made back in 2008 when President Barrack Obama was elected and again in 2012 when he was re-elected for a second term.

Some Pontotoc residents are planning a trip to see President Obama’s second inauguration in our Nations Capitol.

Millions watch a moment in history when Barrack Obama, the first African American President, was sworn into office at the 2009 Inauguration ceremony.

Those who had the honor to witness the ceremony in person understood the historical moment.

“You had to just be there. It was like a moment in time. We knew we were in the middle of history,” says Gloria Fitzpatrick.

Gloria Fitzpatrick organized a group in 2009 to travel to Washington D.C. and witness the Inauguration of the 44th President. After Obama’s re-election in 2012, she knew it was not an opportunity to pass up.

“After the first one we knew we had to go back,” says Fitzpatrick.

People from Lee, Monroe, Jackson and parts of Tennessee will be boarding buses in a few weeks to travel 28 hours to see the second Inauguration for President Obama. Gloria says the first experience was memorable, but is hoping for some improvements.

“Last time, they didn’t have security from D.C. they had it from everywhere else and nobody knew where to go or where to tell you to go. Hopefully it’s a little more planned out this year,” says Fitzpatrick.

Alex Armstrong who made the long journey before plans on making the trip again.

“It was surreal and real at the same time because being there you know why you are there and you see all these people that has gathered for this event and for this function and it’s just unreal at the support that was in the mall of America at the time that his inauguration was carried out the first time,” says Alex Armstrong.

Alex says being a part of history is better than just reading about it in a text book.

“As today it’s a moment in time, but tomorrow it’s a moment in history that will not be repeated. It’s just an experience among experiences,” says Armstrong.

Folks from ages 10 to 80 will be meeting on January 18th in Pontotoc and Tupelo before leaving for Washinton D.C.

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