A local instructor expresses how she feels about the ongoing war in her country

The ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine is the headline for many news outlets

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI)- The ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine is the headline for many news outlets.

For some people, the war doesn’t affect them directly, but for others it’s a touchy subject.

Julia Mortyakova is a Russian immigrant that has made the best of her years in the United States.

Although she only spent just over a decade of her life living in Europe; her ties to people in Ukraine and and Russia are tight and the war going on is simply breaking her heart.

“When I’m having my coffee in the morning I think there’s another lady who’s my age a Ukrainian lady who is trying to keep her family safe,” said Mortyakova.

Her family migrated from Russia to the U.S. when she was 11-years-old, but she still has relatives in Russia and the Ukraine.

She said the media reports sadden her, and she does not support Putin’s effort to invade Ukraine.

“I think this was a shock and a heartbreak and it’s just unfathomable that this is just going on,” said Mortyakova.

Her method of coping with all the news out of Europe; she’s focusing on her love of playing and teaching the piano.

It’s a passion that that reminds her of a happier time in Ukraine.

“I performed in at a music festival in Ukraine in 2010 and I was met by the warmest most welcoming people I loved
being there,” said Mortyakova.

The piano performance professor said the invasion should concern everyone, not just those from that region.

” It’s very important to be aware of what’s happening in the world because if stay silent when it comes to others others will stay silent when it comes to you,” said Mortyakova.

It’s that message she wanted to share with everyone. Mortyakova encouraged people to try and support those in Ukraine and Russia in any way.

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