A look back at the videos from the days and weeks after the Smithville tornado


Take a look at the videos posted the days, weeks, and months after the Smithville tornado of 2011.

Chickasaw Tornado by Allie Martin 04/27/2011 

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Tornado East Webster by Siobhan Riley

Smithville Tornado by Joey Barnes 04/27/2011 

Smithville Tornado Future by Paulo Salazar 05/11/2011

Smithville Kids Books by Allie Martin

Sports and Tornado by Robbie Donoho August 2011

Smithville Church by Allie Martin 05/01/2011

Smithville Responders by Allie Martin 04/27/17

Choctaw Tornado by Siobhan Riley 04/27/17

Montpelier Damage by Paulo Salazar 04/27/11

School Damage by Joey Barnes 04/27/11

Tornado Progress by Paulo Salazar 06/22/11