A Maben family’s firework Christmas tradition

MABEN, Miss. (WCBI) –  On Christmas Eve, most children are dreaming of Santa Claus, but some children in the Maben community watch a colorful celebration first.

There’s a light show each Christmas eve in the Double Springs Community near Maben. It all began as a family get-together.

A Fulgham family event has turned into a community celebration

“We had the show just for us and the people that were here for Christmas but whenever you start shooting that many fireworks people start getting word and before long so and so will invite so and so next thing you know we got 100 people in the yard,” said Allen Kelly.

For over 20 years a fireworks display draws neighbors and friends to the Fulgham’s.

“We see someone we know and they’ll ask about the show they either saw last year or either heard about and we just say come on we got a lot of room,” said Kelly.

Henry “Mule” Fulgham started the firework show for his family but the last three years have been different.

“My grandfather passed 3 years ago we kind of carried on the traditional. He was a big-time Christmas. When it was Christmas time, it was Jesus’s birthday it was time to spend with the family and it was firework time,” said Kelly.

His legacy still lives on.

“It gives us a sense of pride to carry on something that he started and you know the community still know that this is being done because of him,” said Kelly.

A huge 65 box firework display happens right in their front yard.

“We have cars, I mean, a half of mile either way on both sides of the road people coming to watch,” said Kelly.

Family members see the display as a way to honor their grandfather.

“The work that goes into it before they are shot, to shooting them, to cleaning up afterward, you know it’s a family thing and we do it because of him and to carry on his legacy,” said Kelly.

A grandfather’s Christmas legacy.

You can take your entire family to see the display on Christmas Eve in Double Springs. The show starts at 9 p.m. It lasts about 30 minutes

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