A Northeast Mississippi gym offers cryo therapy to members with injuries

Premiere Fitness opened 'Chill Out Cryo Therapy" a little more than one year ago.

TUPELO, Miss. (WCBI)- A Northeast Mississippi gym is helping folks recover from injuries, while also introducing people to the many uses for cryo therapy.

Justin Pace has just finished a workout at Premiere Fitness and now he’s stepping into the Cryo Chamber.

The 29 year old competes in bodybuilding contests and uses the cryo chamber at least two times a week.

“It releases some muscle tension, helps with body water, makes you feel like a whole different person,” said Pace.

Premiere Fitness opened ‘Chill Out Cryo Therapy” a little more than one year ago.

Kaitlyn Kincade is the manager and cryo technician at Chill Out.

“Cryo therapy is the use of cold temperatures to reduce inflammation in the body, it’s very beneficial for reducing muscle soreness, joint pain, nerve pain, arthritis, any type of inflammation in the body that causes any type of stiffness,” said Kincade.

The sessions are short. Clients spend three minutes in the whole body chamber, while the temperature reaches minus 160.

The whole body chamber isn’t the only option.

“This is our isolated cryo machine, for people who don’t want to do the whole body chamber, they have a specific area they want worked on, I can use wand and hand held cryo treatments, cryo skin 3.0 , newest addition, uses heat and cold to break down fat cells in the body, it’s spot treatment. And this is our red light therapy machine, I see a lot of people coming in for issues like eczema and rosacea,” said Kincade.

Like the whole body chamber, liquid nitrogen is used, but it is targeted to the face and neck for cryo facials.

Kincade says cryo treatments have grown in popularity for all ages.

“We opened it up thinking it would be a benefit to our gym members but we’ve had a lot of the public support and community has really liked it so far,” said Kincade.

CRYO facials are also available and are used to treat acne and other skin issues.

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