A slate of rain chances keep the umbrellas out

COLUMBUS – SUMMARY: A multitude of rain chances heading into next week help keep highs below 90 and bring us close to the the 70s by Friday.
MONDAY: Highs may not get much further than the mid 80s as more scattered thunderstorm action is forecast across the region. Lows bottom out in the low 70s.
TUESDAY: Mid to upper 80s are the theme Tuesday, along with yet more opportunities for scattered thunderstorms. Lows hit the low 70s once again overnight.

REST OF THE WEEK: The rain action doesn’t end Tuesday, and extends all through next week and into the weekend. Highs will likewise stay stable in the mid to upper 80s before taking a dip into the low 80s Friday. Lows hover between the upper 60s and low 70s throughout the week.


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