A truck crashed into Fire Station 5 in Columbus on Wednesday

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) – A truck crashes into a Columbus fire station and everyone walks away from the accident.

The accident happened at about 2 AM.

Columbus police say a truck ran off Lehmberg Road before slamming into Fire Station 5.

The driver of the truck told officers she fell asleep.

Investigators believe the truck was going about 60 miles per hour when it hit the building.

Three firemen were there at the time of the crash.

No injuries were reported in the accident.

Now, city officials are trying to determine the next steps to repair the building.

“Well, first we have our structural engineer coming out to do a final assessment and report for insurance purposes, life-safety purposes. To basically tell us where the building is still usable, which I think 90%, from my assessment, is going to be good but we want to make sure it is reviewed,” said Kevin Stafford, city engineer.  “And then from there what the repairs look like. What really needs to be taken down and replaced because there are areas here that are going to have to be replaced due to the damage.”

Firetrucks and firemen have been moved out of the building until the assessment is complete.

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