Aberdeen powerlifter Taniya Morris makes history

ABERDEEN, MS. (WCBI)- Aberdeen senior Taniya Morris is a trailblazer. She advanced to the powerlifting championship meet in Jackson.

Morris cemented herself in the record books in a way her and the Bulldog community couldn’t even imagine. But that wasn’t enough, Taniya wanted to prove she’s one of the strongest girls in the state.

Morris was the first girl to make it to the state meet in Aberdeen’s history. The team has only been around for four years.

Powerlifting has not been a part of her life long and she reached the pinnacle quickly.

“It was really intimidating because I have only done it for two years,” Morris said. “You got girls who have probably done it for so many years and have seen it go on. It makes you feel like well, you’ve got to come with it.”

And she sure did, Morris didn’t just make it but she earned herself a spot on the podium placing third and bringing home the hardware.

“It sunk in after I got home and I processed it,” Morris said. “My family and my coach was really excited about it. It made me feel so proud that I made someone else proud.”

Taniya’s mom Tenika was a driving force behind pushing Taniya to be her best, and knows she’s destined for greatness.

“I’ve always told her whatever she puts her mind to she can do it,” Tenika Morris said. “And ever since I told her that she has done it.”

Taniya may not have known it in the moment, but the town of Aberdeen is rallying around her success.

“The support system I have, I love them,” Taniya Morris said. “Even my school they supported me before I went. They made posters and had parades, I didn’t even know about it but having that support really pushes you.”

That support system isn’t going anywhere and coach Elisabeth Oliver is already seeing an impact for years to come.

“I have had about seven girls already who have come up to me wanting to know when we are going to start next year,” Oliver said.

Morris is graduating this year but her determination has paved the way for the Aberdeen power lifting program to keep growing in the future.

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