Administrators are hopeful to get disconnected students engaged again

GOLDEN TRIANGLE, Miss. (WCBI)- It’s been a long year for students and the people tasked with teaching them. Most local classrooms have been virtual or hybrid all year long, and administrators want kids back in their desks this fall. When Covid closed schools in March of 2020, administrators came up with a plan for students to learn virtually. Students tried to stay on track, but the change left some students lost and others less motivated.

“It’s not that they couldn’t do the work it’s the time and staying focused to do the work,” said Noxubee County School Superintendent Rodriguez Broadnax.

When classes went online, many students disappeared. It’s a loss Broadnax knew all too well. Some students didn’t show up at all. Broadnax and his staff went virtual during COVID- 19; they distributed laptops and developed hot spots, yet some students didn’t use them.

“If students didn’t do the work they wouldn’t be promoted because we gave them the tools so just because we’re on virtual instruction does not mean you don’t have to do the work,” said Broadnax.

Broadnax said some students stopped doing work and even transferred schools; which lead educators to make house calls.

“Our coordinators called and kept call logs. Our social worker was involved in calling and going out to the homes making home visits our security along with our parent coordinators, the principals visited homes to get the kids out of the house,” said Broadnax.

Local administrators said the pandemic left people trying to survive, but now it’s time to get back to learning. Columbus Municipal School Superintendent, Cherie Labat, said students and faculty should use what they learned during the pandemic and build on that.

“You’ve learned more than you thought you’ve learned. You’ve accomplished more than you thought you’ve accomplished, and any battle before you now or lies ahead you’re going to be resilient you’re going to accomplish.. so I’m not worried about unfinished learning I’m just ready to get started and get our kids back in a normal environment,” said Labat.

Both superintendents say that it’s not only up to the school to get students up to speed for their next grade level, but the families and communities are encouraged to help too.

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