After a record breaking high gas prices are starting to decrease

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI)- Folks across the country are finding relief at the pump.

$4.52…That was Mississippi’s average price of fuel just a month ago.

During the summer months, the cost of filling up was the highest record we’ve ever seen.

Now, as you drive through town, you’ll notice quite a difference. Prices here in Columbus are now as low as $3.48.

Drivers like Diana Tate said she’s relieved she doesn’t have to spend as much on gas.

“I’m glad it’s going down we needed a break and when I first started driving this car it was 22 dollars to fill it up and now it’s 41 so I can actually see the difference,” said Tate.

Although prices fell a dollar and four cents, Tate says it’s still a bit pricey. She’s keeping an eye on the cost per gallon.

“Makes you want to stay at home. you can’t drive,” said Tate.

She’s not alone–Hunter Mahan says when fuel prices skyrocketed it left him in a challenging situation.

“They’re getting better. They were really bad at one point and I couldn’t even afford gas . I would have to go dime by dime. Now they are getting better, about 10 cents every 2 weeks. I remember last month I probably spent about $500 just in gas and this month it’s a little under $300,” said Mahan.

Many are hopeful that averages will reach closer to three dollars soon.

Mahan continues to think about the folks who may struggle to afford to do everyday tasks.

“I think people, who are having to struggle to get to work and will have to worry about gas prices and they are probably like I can’t even get to work today.  I think it’s affecting transportation across the US,” said Mahan.

Gas prices have fallen over 7% over the last month.

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