Alabama country club raises money for wounded warriors

Folks decided to take a swing at good fun and a good cause.

SULLIGENT, Ala. (WCBI) – This weekend a country Club in Alabama held a golf tournament to raise money for veterans.


Oak Hill Country Club in Sulligent put on a tournament to help with the cost of the club and to donate a percentage to the Wounded Warrior Project.

Members like Lee Hollis said the best part about the tournament is the people and the fun of the game.

“It’s a fun hobby and it’s a good exercise I enjoy the game and I enjoy the social and it’s good to be around good friends. It creates revenue for the club and it helps the community and a lot of people enjoy it in this time that we live in now people need to enjoy things,” said Hollis.

And he said he takes pride in knowing he is helping the ones that have served.

“It’s a great thing because the wounded warriors have disabilities and problems and issues and I believe that they deserve everything that they get,” said Hollis.

And other members like O.Z Rhudy said that being able to contribute is the most important part of the weekend tournament.

“The wounded warrior sometimes struggle and they need all the help they can get and some of them are so prideful and they don’t want to ask for help so it’s a good cause,” said Rhudy.

And Rhudy said he is always willing to help out people who are in need.

“I like helping people out when I can or just helping people find their golf ball or whatever,” said Rhudy.

If you would also like to donate you can go to

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