Alabama Designs New Marriage Form

The Associated Press

MONTGOMERY —  Alabama’s health department has distributed new marriage license forms to accommodate same-sex weddings that are expected to begin Monday.

The Alabama Department of Public Health sent the new form Thursday to probate judges across the state. The form has two spaces that read spouse, instead of separate listings for bride and groom. The form also has boxes to list the gender of each spouse.

An alteration of the state’s marriage license form was one of the bureaucratic changes that had to occur ahead of gay wedding ceremonies that are expected to begin Monday. Gay couples are expected to apply for marriage licenses across Alabama that day.

Catherine Molchan Donald, director of the Alabama Center for Health Statistics, said department staff worked, “to come up with one form that could be used for all marriages.”

U.S. District Judge Callie Granade’s order striking down Alabama’s statutory and constitutional bans on gay marriage will go into effect Monday unless the U.S. Supreme Court grants the state attorney general’s request for a delay.

Alabama has asked the Supreme Court to keep the decision on hold since justices are expected to issue a ruling on gay marriage later this year.

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