Amory Police Department work to combat the rise of Fentanyl

Fentanyl's rise continues to grow because of its accessibility and lethalness.

AMORY, Miss. (WCBI) – Earlier this month the Amory Police Department arrested two people in connection with trafficking and selling Fentanyl.
These efforts are part of an ongoing, 10-month-long investigation to combat the increasing popularity of the drug and get it off the streets.
Sergeant Jacob Hall said it’s a growing crisis that local law enforcement is seeing close to home—the rise of fentanyl and related overdoses in the area.
“Well, this is a small town in Mississippi and it’s here and it’s not something that is restricted to one age group, one gender, or one race, or one class of people in the socioeconomic ladder it’s across the border,” Hall said.
Fentanyl’s rise continues to grow because of its accessibility and lethalness.
Hall said the drug has grown increasingly popular with the younger crowds.
” That’s one of the problems we are seeing in the area is experimentation with the youth. It could be a mistake with it being the first time and fatal,” Hall said.
Hall says the ongoing, 10-month-long investigation has taken many hours from investigators and patrolmen and help from surrounding agencies working together.
“For any good investigation, you have to take the time to build a solid case. It’s not like what you see on TV. where you see people solving murder cases or whatnot in 48 minutes with commercial breaks. It takes real-time,” Hall said.
Hall said every lead and arrest makes a difference and it’s another opportunity to help get someone out of the cycle.
” Every pill we take off the street or every dealer we put behind bars for just a little while maybe that gives someone another day who is struggling with addiction to get help or maybe that is the pill that was going to put someone in the ground. Hopefully, the efforts we are making are making real-world impacts,” Hall said.
More arrests are expected as the investigation continues

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