Amory residents help Hamilton neighbors as recovery, repairs underway


AMORY, Miss. (WCBI) – A Northeast Mississippi city that has experienced its share of tornadoes did what it can to help victims in Hamilton.

Throughout the day, people brought items such as toiletries, cleaning supplies and bottled water to Renasant Bank’s downtown office.

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“We take care of each other in Monroe County, it’s just the right thing to do,” said President of Renasant Bank’s Amory branch Jon Alexander.

He said employees posted about the donation drive on social media Monday morning, and the donations started coming in quickly.

Alexander said the bank wants to support its communities.

He said the bank received a lot of support eight years ago, when a deadly tornado tore through Smithville, destroying Renasant’s office in that town.

“Last thing on the video you see are ladies going to the vault, vault door shutting and then electricity went off, it was an amazing situation, but everyone rallied for Smithville,” said Alexander.

Renasant Bank will bring items collected  to Amory’s fire station everyday.

Those items will be combined with donations brought to City Hall and they will all be taken to Hamilton every afternoon.

It’s one of several ways Amory is helping its neighbor out.

“Amory utilities are in Hamilton assisting with Monroe County and other power associations, there to try and get power restored in that area,” said Amory Mayor Brad Blalock.

The mayor surveyed the damage in Hamilton Monday morning and said the needs are great.

“Anything our community can do to alleviate the time it takes to get power restored, especially for those people, with medical reasons or needs that require electricity, we are very fortunate to have power associations in our area that help one another out,” said Mayor Blalock.

Donations will be taken through at least Thursday at Amory City Hall.

Those who want to donate items on Good Friday can drop them off at Amory’s Main Fire Station.