Amory Tractor Supply hosts season’s first farmers market

AMORY, Miss. (WCBI) – A slight chill in the air didn’t keep people in Amory from heading out to the first farmer’s market of the season.

Vendors from all over Monroe County came out to show the community their craft.

WCBI was at the farmers market and learned what inspired people to take their hobbies to the next level.

Lynette Sandlin has been making custom embroidery and sewing since 2009.

She said it became a pass time for her when her husband was deployed to Iraq, but her stitching roots go all the way back to when she was a little girl.

“My grandmother quilted and sewed so while all of the grandkids, while she took care of us she taught us how to sew and how to quilt so I learned how to make my first items and that was my barbie doll clothes when I was nine years old and her treader machine,” said Sandlin.

Ron Nye took up his woodwork hobby almost three years ago after a trip to the mountains. Freestyling everything by hand can take almost two hours to carve one of his spoons.

Many times he used repurposed wood so no two items are ever exactly the same.

“I make spoons and spatulas and bread knives. I make it out of a lot of reclaimed wood that I’ll find if I’m driving down the road. If somebody has disregarded a table or chair, I will stop and pick it up take it to my shop, refurbish it, and make things I can sell,” said Nye.

Tractor Supply Employee, Erin Spruill has been working hard to get all the finishing touches done for the market. This is the second time the store has hosted this type of event and she said the turnout is even bigger than last time.

“The first one we had in the fall people were kind of weary about it and didn’t know exactly how it was going to do but we had people selling out. We had people come from all over just to be here and so they got the word out and so they came out this year and it actually turned out a lot bigger,”  said Spruill.

Spruill said over the three years the store has been in Amory, the community has really supported them and this gives them a chance to give back in a fun way.

“We have this big parking lot and we want to take advantage of it and host something for our community. We have all the vendors that have come out and they all enjoy being here and we just want to be here to support them, ” said Spruill.

Tractor Supply is already looking to host another farmer’s market event. There is no date set on when that will be.

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