Annual Roast-N-Boast Cooking Competition


COLUMBUS, Miss.(WCBI) – Well the Friendly City continues to serve as a battle ground for the annual BBQ competition “Roast-N-Boast” and the tradition continues.

The smell of BBQ filled the Columbus-Lowndes County Fairgrounds Saturday for the annual Roast-N-Boast cooking competition.

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“We have 35 pro teams. We have 18 pro teams and 17 backyard teams going for a total of an $11,000 purse that we have today so it’s big money involved. We are a charitable event. The money that we raise here today, we donate to St. Jude Research Hospital in Memphis. It’s a very worthwhile cause that’s very near to our heart,” said Roast-N-Boast VP Mike Fitties.

The contest judges from all over the south and barbecue connoisseur. Backyard competition team, the Sweet Racks, and Spicy Chicks decided to throw their hats into the ring.

“It’s our first year. Our husbands wanted us to break out, and we’re going to do it,” said BBQ contestant Aimee Yarbough.

The ladies said they are excited to join the competition.

“We just get our chicken ready and our meat ready. We are just try and do the best we can to get it right,” said Yarbough.

They are mostly excited to give back to the children.

“We plan on giving $100 away. We’ve been selling tickets for a dollar. So far, we have raised $700 for St. Jude. It just brings us together as friends and family, and we do it for the kids. It’s all about the children,” said Yarbough.