Mississippi Super Summer equips teenagers to live out their Christian faith

The evangelism, discipleship camp brought together more than one thousand students from across the state to Mississippi College

CLINTON, MISS. (WCBI) – As the new youth pastor at East End Baptist Church in Columbus, Jacob Davis wanted to take his students to Super Summer. Pastor Davis had never been to the camp but heard from others how it develops leaders in youth groups. He was not disappointed.

“Man, it is awesome to be able to see over 1,000 students be able to spread the Gospel, to learn how to spread the gospel,” Pastor Davis said.

Super Summer is for students who have completed the eighth grade, but who aren’t yet in college. To go, they have to meet a number of requirements such as regular church attendance, Scripture memorization, and personal witnessing. The students are grouped in schools referred to by colors based on their age and the number of years they’ve attended Super Summer.

During the day, students meet with their schools, learning about discipleship, evangelism, and other keys to deepening their Christian faith. After each session, students go into small groups for in-depth discussion.

In the evening, all students, leaders, and volunteers meet for worship and a message.

Jason Curry is the founder of Finish Empty and was this year’s speaker. He encouraged students and adults to live on purpose for Christ.

“Many years ago, I gave a sermon called Finish Empty and the idea is most people look back on their life and say, “I wish I had” and God really wants us to live and I’m glad I did life, to go where we’ve been called to go, do what we’ve been called to do, be who we’ve been called to be, and you just don’t meet people who live for Christ and regret that,” Pastor Curry said.

Youth pastors and church leaders say Super Summer gives students the tools they need to take the Gospel wherever they go.

“We’re learning about Jesus here and that’s a bonus to share His name, His word, and that He loves all of us, that while we are sinners, He died for us and that we leave this place telling other people about that and that this world and everybody can be changed,” Pastor Davis said.

“When I was a student minister, Super Summer was the week that had the deepest and longest-lasting impact. We did other camps, we did mission trips, but it was Super Summer that led to the longest-lasting influence in their lives,” said Dr. Gary Permenter, an evangelist, and speaker based in Columbus.

“My hope is that we leave in Christ’s reigns in our lives that, we leave in the state of Mississippi is different because of what happened this week. Whether you’re a teenager, an adult who chaperones, or those of us who are in ministry, I hope the state of Mississippi is not the same. Our communities are not the same because God did great things and we take it back home with us,” said J B Long, youth pastor at Harrisburg Baptist Church.

“Not a week from now, not two weeks from now, but a month from now, six months from now, years from now, we’re still doing what we’re called to do and that’s to serve. That’s to love,” said J D Jones, a team leader from West Heights Baptist Church.

Students say Super Summer inspires and equips them to live out their faith.

“Being here, you get so much more education than you do at regular camps like they’re teaching you so much deeper. Now that you know Christ, you’re learning so much more and just learning about the inner workings of being a leader and learning how to actually share the Gospel effectively,” said Lily Benson, who was in Red School.

“Super Summer, it really has made an impact on me and I know it has made an impact on plenty of other students as well. We’re able to come here in fellowship with other brothers and sisters in Christ and I mean, the worship service we just had was amazing,” said Connor O’Daniel, who was in Green School.

“It’s so much fun. I’ve had the honor of making tons of great Christian friends because back in Amory, I have tons of friends and I love them so much, but it’s great to get new ones because I will be moving off soon,” said Claire Price, who was in Gold School.

“My faith has grown so much from coming from Red School to Purple School now, and I just can’t wait for what the Lord has in store,” said Addison Vickers, who was in Purple School.

Students at Mississippi Super Summer are encouraged to start making a difference right now and to pursue God’s calling on their lives, building a legacy of faith that will impact future generations with the Gospel. 




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