Artesia Day 2022 is here and people are thrilled

The Artesia Day Festival kicked off Thursday night and continues throughout the weekend

ARTESIA, Miss. (WCBI)- It’s one of the oldest small town festivals in the area. The Artesia Day Festival kicked off Thursday night and continues throughout the weekend. People are excited to be back in the small town for the festivities they’ve grown to love more and more over the years.

Artesia Day started off relatively small; in the early days, just the people who lived there participated in the festivities, but it’s grown over the last two decades. Now the weekend event attracts thousands of people across north Mississippi and west Alabama.

“We are a loving town we love each other and we always give out great gifts we have a lot of support from the community and from the business here and businesses in other areas always support Artesia,” said city clerk Treis Sanders.

Sanders has been around for all 24 Artesia Day festivals, she and, mayor Jimmy Sanders agree that the best thing is when old residents come back home.

“Over the last few years we have people from at least 10 to 12 states come back and visit and they’re just amazed at how much the event has grown,” said mayor Sanders.

The festival kicked off Thursday with a concert and fish fry and has all weekend to keep the festivities going.

Entertainment, fun for the kids, and food are what drew folks to the small town.

“I’m most excited about seeing the different people come out and also seeing some familiar faces and just enjoying the festivities and you know providing something cool for people,” said vendor Leroy Gunn.

Attendance isn’t the only thing that’s grown over the years. The length of the festival is on the same trend.

“We actually brought entertainment on Thursday we never had entertainment on Thursday so each year we try to do something different a different idea to make it bigger and bigger so we almost did five days this year which means we’re coming up to a week. Just try us we may have a whole two weeks who knows,” said Sanders.

Families throughout the area are encouraged to stop by and enjoy what the small town has to offer.

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