What to know before you donate for disaster relief

Here is how you can avoid potential scams and threats when donating to organizations

JACKSON, Miss. (WCBI)- As our nation comes together during the recovery stage, it’s important to be careful where you donate for disaster relief.

Mississippi’s Secretary of State wants you to keep this in mind if you plan to donate money or other resources:

  • Check to see the organization you’re donating to is registered within your state.
  • You can even ask questions and request an answer in writing.
  • Avoid organizations that try to pressure you into donating your money immediately.
  • Watch for similar names online to legitimate organizations.
  • Be cautious about phone calls or emails asking you to open your wallet or purse and always get a receipt once you have made a transaction with any program.

For more information, contact Mississippi’s Charities Division at (601)359-1599, or send an email to a state charity team member.


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