Attorneys in golden triangle offer services for family law matters

If applicants met qualifications, they could receive free legal advice and guidance.

STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI)-The 14TH Chancery Court District is helping people navigate the legal system.

Attorneys from across the Golden Triangle offered services for family law matters.

Dozens showed up to the in-person clinic at the Oktibbeha County Courthouse to get assistance with upcoming cases.

14th Chancery Court District Judge Paula Drungnole-Ellis said many families in North Mississippi face the same stumbling block when they’re trying to get a matter settled in court.

” There are many people who need legal advice and legal help and they’re just not able to afford to do it,” said Drungnole.

Friday, the courthouse opened its doors for a legal clinic.

If applicants met qualifications, they could receive free legal advice and guidance.

” If they have a case that’s in our court, if this is for a prosaic clinic for people who represent themselves then they can talk with an attorney to find out the next steps . This makes the process easier for them and for the judge,” said Drungnole-Ellis.

During the sessions, folks also got free documentation preparation.

Judge Drungole-Ellis says services include, no fault divorces, adult name changes, emancipation, and uncontested general guardianship, just to name a few.

Recipients can receive advice from legal professionals in places like: Oktibbeha, Noxubee, Clay, and Webster Counties.

” We’ve had calls during this week and the last week from people who we will be not able to assist because it’s doesn’t come with the areas they listed. But, we do refer them to North Missisippi rulers,” said Drungnole-Ellis.

Drungole-Ellis encourages families to explore their options during the sessions to help litigate.
future expenses and prepare cases for court.

” They’re helping the community, the judges we’re giving back to the community, and the lawyers are giving back to the community,” said Drungnole-Ellis.

The next clinic will take place on August 5th at the Noxubee County Courthouse.

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