Ballot numbers keep rolling in for the presidential election

CLAY COUNTY,Miss. (WCBI)- Ballot numbers keep rolling in for Georgia and Pennsylvania.

However, processing every ballot can be bit time consuming in order to report those accurate numbers.

Since election day, election workers have worked around the clock to get ballot numbers in.

For Clay County, Hubert Caston says the board received 2,146 absentee ballots and 179 affidavits this year.

” To some areas, that’s not alot but it’s alot to us,” said Caston.

Caston says after three days they were still counting.

“We had to scan them all that night. We were here till about 3 a.m. getting those scanned because we don’t have enough equipment to handle this many ballots normally,” said Caston.

On a national scale for states like Georgia, Pennsylvania and Arizona, numbers for absentee and mail-in ballots are nearing the hundred-thousands. This is turning the wait for election results into a longer stretch.

Election commissioner Linda Ivy says it’s a three step process.

“It’s a long process because we want them to check it three times with the application in the ballot with the names and everything. Then it goes to the next process of opening the envelopes. The next process is stacking by district. ” Ivy.

Keeping up with the work load has been difficult during a pandemic.

“COVID-19 really put a-lot of extra work on us because we wanted to keep all our voters safe and we wanted to keep all our workers safe,” said Caston.

Caston and Ivy are appreciating those in larger states getting the job done.

“It’s tough, I feel for them. Some of them have been working around the clock trying to get it done,” said Ivy.

“Every vote counts and we want to make sure people are accounted for,” said Ivy.

The board will not finish counting all ballots until November 10th.

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