Flywheel Festival features antique engines, food, fun

Spring Flywheel Festival highlights improvements at park, and brings large crowds to area

HOUSTON, Miss. (WCBI) – For more than 20 years, Todd Hughes has been feeding hungry flywheel festival crowds.

“Funnel cakes, corn dogs, lemonade, tater twisters, snow cones, frozen drinks, but our funnel cakes are really good,” Hughes said.

Antique flywheels are another big attraction for those who restore and exhibit internal combustion engines, and tractors from bygone years.

“It is a hobby, and a lifestyle for some of them, we have learned a lot about tractors and engines that used to run this country and they are truly a joy, I jokingly call some of them grandfathers, but they prefer uncles, they don’t want to be that old,” said Kirbi Dendy, of the Chickasaw Development Foundation.

This is the largest Friday afternoon crowd in Flywheel Fest history, and one of the new attractions, tractor games.

“We roll a 55-gallon barrel, rolling it looks simple but the barrel has a mind of its own, we have slowest tractor race, see who can go slowest,  everyone wants to go fast,  we are not Dale Earnhardt,” said Harry Collins, of the Mississippi Valley Flywheelers.

You can also buy clothes, hats, toys, and other odds and ends at the flywheel festival which runs through Saturday.

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