The Fabulous Blackwood Quartet continues a musical legacy

The influential gospel group made a stop in Northeast Mississippi recently, sharing stories about the days with Elvis

TUPELO, MISS. (WCBI) – Elvis Presley once said the Blackwood Brothers were his favorite gospel quartet.  He used to go to their all-night singings at the Ellis Auditorium in Memphis.

Some of those songs were heard at Tupelos West Jackson Street Baptist Church, during an evening with the Fabulous Blackwood Quartet.

Mark Blackwood is the son of Cecil Blackwood, an original member of the Blackwood Brothers Quartet.  The group also featured J D Sumner on bass, who toured with Elvis in the 70s.

Mark saw Elvis on several occasions.

“The last time I remember seeing him my Dad and Blackwood brothers were recording in Nashville, in RCA Studio A,  lot of artists liked Studio B,  and my Dad said ‘ I just found out Elvis is next door in Studio B, do you want to go see him,’

“I said yeah, we walked around the corner,  and Red West was there.  Red got out of the way we walked into the studio, when we got in the studio, Elvis was holding a guitar,  he looked at my Dad, and said, hey Cecil, how are you doing?

He looked right at me and said “Hey Mark, how are you doing?

I thought, wow, Elvis knows my name,” Mark recalled.

Mark is the third generation to sing under the Blackwood Brothers name,   and his son Jamison carries on the tradition.

“All my life I’ve been traveling with them, been a fantastic experience,” Jamison said.

Mark says it’s a blessing to be able to sing the old favorites, some new songs, and of course, the Elvis Gospel songs.    The Fabulous Blackwood Quartet often backs Elvis Tribute Artists in gospel shows.

“Last night we were in Arlington Texas,  had a big crowd there, for Elvis gospel show.    We do concerts, like churches like we did tonight, but we also sing Elvis’s Gospel, because Elvis loved us, he loved Jesus, and I’ve had so many people come to me, who wouldn’t go to church but they tell me they accepted Jesus when they listen to Elvis Gospel music,  what a testimony,” Mark said.

Mark says that’s why the Fabulous Blackwood Quartet continues traveling the world, singing music with a message of true hope.

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