‘Blue Run’ at NMLETC aims to set up success for cadets in training

TUPELO, Miss. (WCBI) – A new tradition at the North Mississippi Law Enforcement Training Center showcases the importance of teamwork and physical fitness.

Cadets in Class B76 took part in the first “Blue Run.” The four-mile run takes cadets, instructors, and fellow law officers from the academy, down East Main Street, and to the Tupelo Police Department.

12 cadets are in week nine of the 12-week academy and the Blue Run is another way to build teamwork while getting in a workout.

“We have been running a lot since we have been here and it was a good exercise to keep us all together, focused as a team. It was also nice having other officers here running with us, keeping us all motivated. It was a good time,” said Cadet James Nanney, TPD.

“We want these cadets to enjoy physical training. Because what I don’t want is I don’t want them to stop training once they leave the academy. I want them to be able to enjoy it and continue it on as a lifestyle and it will help them throughout their career,” said Chief John Quaka, TPD.

“This was a little bit of a fun run, a lot less stressful, try to get them away from the academy for a little while, so they can enjoy their morning, and be a little less stressed. Because they worked hard to get where they are, sacrificed a lot, and overcome a lot of obstacles within this class,” said Dan McKinney, NMLETC Director.

Cadets enjoyed a breakfast at TPD headquarters after their four-mile run. They have three more weeks until graduation at the end of June.

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