BS Kreations bakery opens their doors to the public in Macon

Just over 3 years ago, Black found her passion for baking all because of a friend's request.

MACON, Miss. (WCBI) – A new bakery officially opened its doors today in Macon.

Sugar, flour, and a little bit of salt. Those are some of the ingredients that owner Katina Black is using in her new bakery BS Kreations.

“I have a lot of great items but my main seller is my banana pudding. Banana Pudding, strawberry shortcake, and banana pudding cake. Those are my fastest seller,” Black said.

Just over 3 years ago, Black found her passion for baking all because of a friend’s request.

“I started out as me doing a cake for a friend that I had. And I did that cake and from that cake, everything seemed to kind of like escalate and went in a different direction. And then, I just started getting orders of cakes and cookies and different things,” Black said.

However, starting the business wasn’t always – a piece of cake. Her husband and owner Matthew Black said it took a lot of research, patience, and asking for help.

“When we started this business we didn’t know anything. We couldn’t get no help from no one. We had to go online and order a lot of things and we didn’t know how to do that. We didn’t know where to go. The pandemic came around and that put a big hold on everything,” Matthew Black said.

However, the couple persevered into 2021.

“It took prayer, hard work, finding the right people in the right places to help you with the knowledge of the things I did not know of. Including all the rest of my family and my friends,” Black said.

While the process of opening the business was challenging, the owners said that the support from family and friends makes it all worth it.

“It makes a whole lot of difference when you have people behind you standing in your corner. And I have good customers, I have repeat customers, I have new customers and I’m thanking God for that because it’s a lot of other places that they could have been, but the decision that the little neighborhood county bakery that they shop with me,” Black said.

“When it happened, it just happened. Everything just started falling into place. I am very proud of her,” Matthew Black said.

During the ribbon-cutting ceremony, folks participated in a raffle and a potluck to celebrate the business’s opening day.

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