Calhoun County pastor speaks out against Bruce beer and light wine vote

Pastor says there are more costs, than benefits to legal alcohol sales

CALHOUN COUNTY, MISS. (WCBI) – Voters in one Calhoun County town will soon decide whether beer and light wine will be sold in their town.

Last week, we talked with the mayor of Bruce, who is hoping voters will approve the referendum.

Today, a pastor from nearby Pittsboro encourages voters to think twice before approving the measure.

The effort to bring beer and light wine sales to Bruce reminds First Baptist Pittsboro, Pastor Vincent Anderson of the campaign, to bring alcohol sales to Pittsboro.  Supporters said the town was losing a lot of sales tax revenue. That referendum passed.

“In my history at Pittsboro, there has been no benefit from that, only ones getting benefit from that are the ones getting alcohol sales in their pockets,” said Pastor Anderson.

Anderson says as a pastor he has seen the impact alcohol can have on individuals and families.

“Certainly I’ve seen a lot of cases where it leads to death, we want to be a help to our people, we want to help them out and let them see wrong, such as alcohol, it can bring to people,” Anderson said.

Bottom line, Pastor Anderson believes there are more costs, compared to benefits, when it comes to allowing the sale of beer and light wine.  He says social issues are just one factor.

“What I’ve seen a lot since we’ve had it here in Pittsboro, is our ditches, starting to get cluttered with beer cans and trash, was talking with someone the other day and they were talking about going on a back road and picking up a lot of beer cans,  so not only is it bad for a lifestyle, but also for our community and filling up our ditches with trash,” Anderson said.

Pastor Anderson says he is hoping and praying that the beer and light wine referendum doesn’t pass.

Registered voters who live in Bruce will vote on the issue March 15th at Bruce City Hall.


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