Video: Carrying Alcoholic Beverages Out Of Bars to be Legal – Some Places


STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI)- Carrying a cup of beer out of places that serve alcohol in some north Mississippi cities could soon become possible.

In May, Governor Phil Bryant signed what’s known as the Go Cup Bill into law.

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“That legislation, I think is a good thing for Starkville, for the fact that it’ll increase the tourism dollars,” said Ty Thames, chef and owner of Restaurant Tyler.

Thames is filling up on the idea of the Go Cup Bill being implemented in Starkville and making the Oktibbeha County town a destination for visitors.

“Really around the downtown area, we have like different culture events such as the art walks, and also there’s wine and dine, and in the past it’s been restricted to just inside the business’s and this will allow it to get on the side walks and people could mingle,” said Thames.

However, lawmakers put in rules that must be in place before community pop the top on this new law.

“The local municipalities will have to issue a resolution in support of this measure, and actively set boundaries for where an open container law could not apply,” said Jennifer Gregory , Greater Starkville Development Partnership CEO.

Gregory said aldermen would have to approve the boundaries and safety measures before voting on a proposed new ordinance.

“And it might not even be this year or next.  We want to make sure that we will be implementing a measure that will allow people to have more fun in downtown Starkville, but we want to make sure there’s an also an opportunity for an economic impact,” said Gregory.

Gregory believes this could be a win, win situation for the entire community.

“That’s really the goal here, is for people to enjoy themselves in our community within a given area, but also to increase the economic impact that might occur from the festivals, from an event, and from a home football game,” she said.

Nothing has been finalized, but some of the areas being considered for the special district include, University Drive, Main and Lampkin Streets, along with much of the Cotton District.