Choctaw County Citizens Concerned on Tax Dollars Going to Winston County

ACKERMAN, Miss. (WCBI) – Since 2015, The Louisville Medical Clinic has been operated by the Choctaw Regional Medical Center, but a controversial leasing agreement has raised concern for Choctaw residents.

The controversy is Choctaw County taxpayer dollars have been going towards a facility that for the most part serves Winston County residents.

The Louisville Medical Clinic may sit in Winston County, but it’s owned operated by its Choctaw County neighbors.

When Choctaw Regional admitted to not being able to keep up with the facility’s payments, Supervisors were asked to step in, Choctaw not Winston.

“The majority of the board of supervisors, a 3-2 vote, to take the $362,000 and give to the board of trustees to pay the delinquent rent on the Winston County Louisville Clinic,” said Choctaw County District 5 Supervisor, Eric Chambers.

Chambers is an advocate for quality health care but doesn’t see why his district residents have to pay for something that serves Winston County.

“If they didn’t have healthcare in that county, it would be a different thing. They have a fine facility, and we do too in our county,” said Chambers. “So it’s just only appropriate to take our taxpayer dollars and put them to work here.”

Chambers took to Facebook and received a lot of feedback from citizens.

That feedback spilt into the board of supervisor meeting, where those who attended wanted answers.

“I don’t understand it,” said resident, Wade Swindle. “I know there’s two sides to every story, but as far as my tax dollars, I’d like to see them stay here at home.”

“That additional funds could be used to open up our library that’s in dire need. It can go to roads and bridges,” said Chambers.

What’s more, the hospital recently closed its clinic in Weir.

“I’m certain that money could be subsidized at the clinic in Weir a lot easier than it could in Louisville,” said Swindle.

Choctaw County Regional Board of Trustees are meeting this Wednesday at 1 o’clock.

The Public is welcome to attend.

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