City of Columbus welcomes visitors for weekend full of events

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) – Spring is here. Trees are budding out. Flowers are blooming, and traffic here in Columbus is booming.

There is a lot going on in the Friendly City – things like Pilgrimage and Catfish in the Alley.

A bus full of Alabamians traveled across the Stateline to learn more about The Friendly City.

One thing they found out is that from 1819 to 1821 Columbus was a part of Alabama.

The Preservation Society of Columbus continues to share Columbus’s history through architecture, lunch and learns, and guided tours, like this one featuring Mayor Keith Gaskin.

“By preserving one place at a time of any architectural significance, it helps preserve neighborhoods, and neighborhoods make good places to live,” Ralph Null said.

Even though the Perseveration Society of Columbus’s annual pilgrimage is coming to a climax, the group’s mission to shed light on the city’s history continues year-round.

“We have a lot of artists we have a great African American history too that is not always told at the level as other stories have and the idea of the Preservation Society is to make sure that people get a feel and complete history of the city,” Gaskin said.

Though some events are over the Mayor wants to remind visitors there is always something to do in the Friendly City.

“We have a great community here, a diverse community that is always welcoming visitors, but a lot of these events are great for our citizens looking for new and different things to do on the weekends,” Gaskin.

And the mayor has an open invitation for all of Columbus’s neighbors.

“Citizens and folks throughout the Golden Triangle that are looking for new and different things to do on the weekends, Columbus is a great place for people to visit, and I couldn’t be happier with all the events,” said Gaskin.

The inaugural kids’ fishing tournament happening at Barksdale Catfish Lake. Life choices walk for Life 2023 is happening at the Columbus Soccer Complex. Don’t forget Catfish Alley.

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