Clay County Sheriff’s Department closes in on homicide suspects

"A picture says a thousand words."

CLAY COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI) – The Clay County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the death of a Mantee man who was found shot on a county road in the Una area.

According to Scott, 24-year-old Stededric Griffis has been arrested in this homicide investigation.

Witnesses said the victim was chased in his vehicle from a local club.

They said that after being shot multiple times, he then ran off the road and exited his car before collapsing on the side of the road.

The victim has been identified as Ronald Bean, Clay County Sheriff Eddie Scott said changes to the county’s nightclub ordinance are helping his investigators identify witnesses and possible suspects.

Over the weekend, a body was found here at the Clay Chickasaw County line Road. But the sheriff suggests the altercation began behind me at C’s Place—a local nightclub here in the Una area.

“Because of our new ordinance that required our clubs to upgrade security systems. we now have the video give us some really good push in the right direction for our investigation,” said Scott.

Scott pushed for the ordinance in the aftermath of the March 3 mass shooting at another nightclub in the county.

It was passed a month later.

While the added security did not save the life of Ronald Bean Saturday night, Sheriff Scott says he hopes it can help find his killer.

“The issues we get into with 300 people there, as with the last shooting, no witnesses. Nobody would come forward and give us any information so I knew that in order for us to be able to get the answers We needed, it would have to be through the security systems. A picture says a thousand words. As we see right here, it’s paying off,” said Scott.

Scott has a stark warning for the multiple suspects he believes are responsible for the death of Ronald Bean.

“Right now, we pretty well believe we know who the suspects are. I’m just gonna say these individuals, you know who you are. We will be coming for you so, I advise you to go ahead and turn yourselves in,” said Scott.

Scott said he expects to issue arrest warrants in the upcoming days.

If you have additional information, contact the Clay County Sheriff’s Department.

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