Coding Academy promotes careers in computer science

STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI) – With just a few clicks, you can be online talking to friends, gaming, or finding information.

The developing world of technology has created a need for coding and programming experts. That’s where the Mississippi Coding Academies comes in.

“Realized that there were a thousand open jobs in technology in our little state and our four-year universities and our community colleges, with their computer science degrees, we’re only filling a small portion of the need,” CEO and Chairman, Mike Forster said.

Although coders are needed to help develop technology, they are also needed in order to protect people online.

“It changes on a day-to-day basis. And as technology changes, so do the threats to it. And so, coders, cybersecurity, basically have to keep upgrading what they’re doing and keep getting better at it,” Blake Wyatt, a current student at Mississippi Coding Academy, said.

Teachers believe it’s important to get students into classrooms to begin teaching them how to code at a very young age.

“Digital literacy should become as common as learning to read and write, in my opinion. Most kids I see, having the tablets, the phones, they have gaming consoles… they need to understand how to be safe on those consoles and devices and safely navigate the digital world,” Jessica Hayes, MCA graduate, said.

“This program has just deepened my knowledge of coding and taught me many more things. And that’s just really helping me along on my internship. From various things. I mean, stuff I didn’t know before, that I do know now from the program,” Blake Wyatt said.

The program takes 11 months to complete.

Tuition is free due to both government funding and sponsor’s support.

Applications to join the program are open and classes will pick up again at the beginning of August.

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