Columbus City Council paves way to better city streets

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) – The Columbus City Council is paving the way to better streets in the city.

At a work session, Mayor Keith Gaskin and Council Members heard an update from City Engineer Kevin Stafford about plans to resurface city streets this year.

Council members developed priority lists for their wards. The city will be publishing those lists, so residents can see them and provide feedback.

The next step will be to advertise for bids from contractors to do the paving.

Stafford said there may be more competition for the job this year. The state is letting fewer jobs, and companies may be eager to keep their crews working.

The cost of asphalt is expected to be lower as well, and with about $6 million, the city hopes to get a lot of mileage out of this year’s paving budget.

“Well, it’ll be roads in all the wards. You know some have more issues than others. For instance, Ward 5 is a much heavier traveled ward compared to say, Ward 2. So, you’ll see different levels that are being paved in those areas, but hopefully, with the amount of money we have, most of the roads that are in real serious need of paving will happen,” said Gaskin.

The council is expected to vote on moving forward with the paving plan at Tuesday night’s meeting.

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