Columbus city leaders explore options to reduce gun violence

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) – Columbus leaders are exploring every option when it comes to reducing gun violence in the city, including taking aim at the shooters’ wallets.

Columbus police regularly respond to “shots fired” calls.

Many of these don’t result in injuries or damage to property, but some do lead to retaliation shootings, and there is always a risk to the public.

There is an ordinance on the books prohibiting the discharge of weapons in the city limits, but the municipal court has always had leeway in imposing penalties in those cases.

A measure brought before the city council would impose the state’s maximum penalty of $1,000 or six months in jail on convictions in these cases.

“I had previously been asked, ‘What more can we do?’ So, I drafted a proposed, emergency measure for the council to consider last night. Is there anything wrong with delaying that? No, because there may be some other ideas that we could implement that are more creative than fining or jail time, like the seizure of the firearm. I don’t know if we can legally do that or not, yet,” said City Attorney Jeff Turnage.

A motion to adopt the measure was rescinded before it could be voted on.

The council chose to study it more closely before taking action.

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