Columbus Civil Service Commission upholds CPD officer’s termination

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) – The Columbus Civil Service Commission upholds the firing of a Columbus Police Officer.

Investigator Cortez Temple was recently terminated by the Columbus City Council but chose to appeal that termination to the Civil Service Commission.

The firing was the result of an incident at the Columbus Fairgrounds in late August.

Temple and a Captain on the force reportedly got into an argument. According to the Captain, after beginning to walk away, Temple turned and came towards him aggressively. A former officer stepped in between the two men.

Temple was put on leave, and subsequently fired by the City Council.

Columbus Police Chief Joseph Daughtry said it’s important that the officers in his department maintain the highest levels of professionalism.

“We’re starting to get their trust because they’re calling us. They’re communicating with us. They’re reporting crimes. They’re giving us factual information. We’re starting to have people now who are boldly enough coming down, signing statements, so that shows me the public is buying into what we’re trying to do,” said Daughtry.

The Columbus Police Department is still actively recruiting to fill its ranks.

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