Columbus mayor and city council honor Flag Day and Army’s birthday

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) – June 14th is the anniversary of 2 American institutions – The Stars and Stripes and the United States Army.

On June 14th seventeen 75, the Continental Congress called for the organization of 10 companies of expert riflemen to form a Continental Army. George Washington was named its commander the next day.

In Columbus, the day was marked with a proclamation by the Mayor and City Council.

Active Duty members of the Army and local law enforcement officers who have served were on hand for the event.

“We would like to thank the mayor, the council, and the people of Columbus for supporting its Army. Everyone here is welcome and supportive of our mission. It’s a great boost for the morale of our soldiers knowing they are embraced and supported by the community,” said SFC Troy Woody, U.S. Army.

Flag Day is also celebrated today. The first flag of the United States was adopted two hundred and 45 years ago.

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