Columbus municipal school district launches pastors on patrol

The program is designed to prevent violence and increase student retention.

COLUMBUS,Miss. (WCBI)- Columbus city and school leaders are working to bridge the gap in the community.

The program is designed to prevent violence and increase student retention.

That’s right, it’s all apart of their new initiative, Pastors on Patrol.

Council members with the Columbus Municipal School District says this is one way to connect with families.

” Any identifying needs on the block what we can do, we will do,” said Christina Shumpert.

Shumpert is a District Behavior Specialist with the Columbus Municipal School District.

Just this week, administrators announced their new program ,” Pastors on Patrol”.

” Some churches are already involved in some way in a community so we’re just providing another outlet,” said Shumpert.

Pastors will adopt a block and work to help curb crime in that area.

” It’s going to take everybody trying to do their share to help bare the burden or the load to make it better. It’ll help us understand better how to help them with the challenges to make it a better place,” said Willie McCord, Pastor of 10th Avenue Church of Christ.

Locations like Memphistown area, 14th to Martin Luther King Drive, and 7th Avenue to Propst Park are on the list.

City leaders will hold public events, monthly prayer sessions, and assist with unmet needs.

” The kick-off on our block, which will be McCrary and Forest, that area will be our block. We’re coming up to testing season,and we want families to know things that they can do at home to help students,” said Shumpert.

” I think the initiative is a wonderful thing because it connects churches with various communities where we can use resources and we can have relationship. I think they will appreciate it. Because we’re going in and we’re not necessarily evangelistic first,” said Pastor Rayfield Evins.

The board plans to partner with the Columbus Police Department.

” I think it’s awesome, when you have the opportunity to touch the community whether it’s through collaboration or our own projects, that’s just what our heart it,” said J’Marcus Brooks with Kingdom Vision Church.

The next meeting will be held on March 28th at Brandon Services Central Office at 6 p.m.

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