Columbus’ next police chief discusses plans for the department

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) – Columbus’ next police chief was in town today meeting with city leaders and talking about his plans for the department.

Joseph Daughtry, Sr. will have a lot on his plate when he takes over the department next month, but he said he is up for the challenge.

Daughtry wants to see a renewed focus on community policing and is planning meetings with community and religious leaders in the city to get input and share his ideas.

He also has plans for a prevention-focused fight against crime by arming citizens with the knowledge they need to keep from becoming the victims of crime.

But his biggest challenge may be getting his new department up to full strength. The Columbus Police Department has been plagued by low numbers and low morale.

Daughtry is preparing to build around the core group of remaining officers.

“I commend the men and women of this department; the ones that have stuck around and put forth the effort to assure the safety of the citizens of this city. But we’re going to have to get ’em some help. But as the new chief coming in, I’m a part of that help, you know, and everybody below me is a part of that help. If it means that we have to get out and help catch calls, then we will because we’re all in this together,” said Daughtry.

Daughtry is recruiting experienced, certified officers as well as rookies. He officially takes over the department next month.

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