Columbus overview committee member seeks to meet again

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) – A member of the Columbus overview committee wants to get the band back together.

The committee was put in place in 2015 after the death of Ricky Ball.

The last meeting the committee had was in 2019 and leadership has changed quite a bit since then.

City leaders said in Tuesday night’s council meeting there were no minutes recorded of the committee even forming. They’d only found that the first meeting was in September 2016.

Member Lavonne Harris has been working for the last two years to get the committee back together and hoped that the meeting was the beginning of the process.

“I hope they bring the overview committee back again, it’s not so much about transparency it’s just about you know the community will have something they can government towards their voice and that’s what it’s more about the next step will be we meet with the council, the mayor, and the chief of police or assistant chief of police,” said Harris.

Harris encouraged city members that want their voices heard to work with her in an effort to get the committee back together.

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