Columbus projects progress report: City leaders give update

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) – Renovations on Columbus’s oldest and largest park started around the first of the year.

The rebuilding of four baseball fields with new turf, bases, dugouts, and fencing at Propst Park is expected to be completed next month.

View Recent Photos 8Columbus Councilman Stephen Jones along with Vice Mayor Joseph Mickens spearheaded the renovation process.

Jones says he’s proud of the park’s improvements so far.

“By mid-May, they should be completed…the field should be completed if the weather permits. Then they’ll come back with electrical, lighting, cement, street roads, and stuff…getting all that up to par so you won’t have to walk in mud and the kids won’t have to track it on the field but you know it’s great to see this behind me come this far from where we started…

Moving on down the road, residents can expect a smoother ride before long. There are 119 portions of roads and streets on the pavement list.

The seven-million-dollar plan is part of the city’s annual paving project.

After several delays due to funding and getting equipment into place, work is progressing on the Columbus Riverwalk Pedestrian Bridge.

Columbus Mayor Keith Gaskin recently visited the Old River Bridge and says engineers have walked back the completion date to the fall.

“They’re still making good progress. They still feel like September, they will be close to completion if not completed in September depending on the weather. That can affect it. A lot of work they’re doing is underwater. They’ve been working with divers and stuff so there’s all kinds of things that could slow it down. The work that’s being done isn’t work that happens in everyday bridge repair.

Both officials agreed that weather is the key to getting these projects completed by the anticipated dates.

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