49 years after their picture went into Columbus time capsule, 5 sisters will be there to see it opened

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) In 1972, the Egger family put a picture of their five daughters inside the time capsule that was buried in front of Columbus’s Leigh Mall.

“We hoped we’d live to be there the day it was unearthed,” says Nancy Hollis, the second youngest of the five children.

That’s what Hollis says she and her four sisters were thinking as their parents James and Eva put their picture inside the time capsule.

49 years later, that’s exactly where all five of them will be.

“We are so thankful that today we are still able to get together and celebrate that life is good,” says Evelyn Thompson, the second-oldest sister.

Sisters Dotty, Evelyn, Nancy, Sandra and Donna ranged between the ages of 2 to 16 years old when the picture their parents put in the capsule was taken.

“On October the 23rd, I will be 81, on October 24, Dotty will be 83 and on October 25 Donna will be 67,” Thompson says.

Since the photo went in the ground, all five sisters have grown up, found careers, gotten married and started families of their own.

“A lifetime of memories,” Hollis says. “A lot of grandchildren and great-grandchildren, careers have come and gone.”

But the bond between the five sisters remains as strong as ever.

“The ‘Five Egger Girls’ was the name you heard a lot and that’s how people refer to us today,” Thompson says. “That’s what they’ll call us even though we’re now older women.”

When asked why it was that their parents wanted to put their picture in the time capsule, their answer was immediate.

“Because of their great love for us and pride for us,” Hollis says. “That was just Mother. She was just one of those kinds of people that documented things. She kept great records and I think she was looking into the future.”

When asked what their younger selves would say to them if they could see where they are now, all these years later, the three sisters just shook their heads and smiled.

“Just say ‘Praise the Lord’ that I have great memories and no regrets,” Thompson said speaking for all of them.

Sandra Slayton, Thompson and Hollis were the only ones available to speak with WCBI on Tuesday but all five sisters will be there for the time capsule ceremony on Wednesday.

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