Commissioners come to MSU to talk about healthcare

OKTIBBHEA COUNTY,Miss.(WCBI) – The insurance business is always changing, and the past few years have seen some major shifts.

Mississippi State University is helping professionals keep up.

The annual Insurance Day is looking at current issues and providing continuing education.

Health insurance is a top concern for consumers and regulators.

There is some uncertainty in the insurance industry these days, especially in the health field.

A federal judge in Texas recently ruled the Affordable Care Act was unconstitutional.

That ruling doesn’t block the ACA, and it doesn’t change health care coverage for Americans, yet.

But it is causing concerns among insurance professionals and regulators.

Mississippi’s Commissioner of Insurance Mike Chaney joined four other commissioners to discuss those concerns and the future of the Affordable Care Act.

“We’re out recruiting other companies to come into the state. We are actively talking to two more people to enter on the ACA if it’s declared constitutional. If not, we have two more companies coming in that have competition with Blue Cross Blue Shield and United Healthcare in the state of Mississippi,” said Commissioner Chaney.

Chaney said these plans could fit better for consumers.

“You might be able to get a cheaper policy with better coverage and have your doctor in the network, the doctor you want to go see,” said Commissioner Chaney.

Chaney said he will continue to work with the department to provide better plans for Mississippians.

Chaney’s presentation Thursday is expected to cover insurance and cyber security.