Community basketball lovers host a basketball camp for young girls

NEW HOPE, Miss. (WCBI)-Score a basket then get back and play defense is typically what people hear when playing basketball. While that is a part of it, there are other key aspects to the game.

Basketball is more than just shooting 3’s and dunking. Tamara Tippett, Fly Girls Basketball Camp coordinator,  and staff focused on fundamentals for girls who like to ball.

“We have a lot of girls with talent in our area. What we really miss with our girl’s basketball is fundamentals and so this is the age where we want to get them and teach them the fundamentals of the game,” said Tippett.

The camp was made up of young ladies from 4th- 8th grade. Throughout the day, campers learned the key components of basketball.

“We’re doing 4 different stations and focusing on skills within the 4 different stations.. passing, ball handling, shooting, and defense,” said guest coach Scott Tallant.

Despite the pandemic, Tallant felt that it was a great way for the girls to connect back to some normalcy.

“I think it’s important to do it anytime, but I think giving these young players a release right now is very important I know they’ve been under a lot of stress and I think it helps them to vent and have a good time and get out and see one another,” said Tallant.

Although the focus was on fundamentals, Tippet also wanted to promote the role girls and women play in athletics.

“Sometimes the attention is not put on ladies basketball or ladies sports and so we just wanted to give it some attention. Our slogan is to prepare, perfect and present and that’s what we want to do. We want to prepare them for their greatest competition, we want to perfect the skills that were given to them, and we want to present them with excellence,” said Tippett.

Tallant said he’s always ready to help train the next generation of great athletes – male or female.

“I coached in Columbus many years ago and I just wanted to give back a little bit here because Columbus is such a special town to me.. and I’m just so thankful that I can be here to help out with it,” said Tallant.

Tippett says they plan to host another camp during the summer for high school girls.

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