Community Organizations are helping more people after rise in prices

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) – Rising prices for everyday staples like food and gas have more people than usual turning to community organizations for help.

But even with the increase in requests, most are still trying to fill the needs of those who come to them.

At the gas station, the grocery store, and clothing stores, prices are rising everywhere you look.

That’s changing the way people spend and even the way they live.

And as prices rise, community relief organizations, like Saving Grace in Columbus, are seeing a rise in requests for help.

“There’s definitely an increase in people that are requesting assistance especially because there are a lot of people out there that are looking for jobs as well,” said Forest.

And they do anything in their power to help as much as possible during these hard times

“And we are originally a donation center but we’ve built a pantry outside for people as well because there is not a pantry for people in this area but there’s definitely an increase on people that are requesting assistance,” said Forest.

As they welcome people they always have to remind them that they should never be ashamed to come to ask for help.

Board members like Bertha Ezquivel say even they find themselves having to ask others in the community for a helping hand.

“Everybody is awesome and everybody works together. if we help them they can help us and as long as it goes that way we will be able to help this community as much as we can and we go far and beyond as well as they all do and I think it’s really awesome,” said Ezquivel.

And 14-year-old Sonniah Ramirez says she grew up watching Saving Grace become what it is today and watching the impact it has on others makes her want to continue the mission that her mother started in 2019.

“At first it was just me my mom and my brother and we would help and we would move but seeing my mom do it that was a great role model example because what my mom started in and what she is in now that’s something that I want to be and I do prepare taking over saving grace when shes older and can’t do it so that’s probably why I’m here so much because I love being here,” said Ramirez

Saving Grace is open Monday Tuesday and Thursday from 8- 5 and Saturday from 9-1.

Saving Grace also has an Open House every First Sunday of the month.

If you have any questions you can call: 662-889-7006


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