Coroner’s race is on the ballot for Chickasaw County voters Tuesday

The special election was called when longtime Coroner Michael Fowler resigned

CHICKASAW COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI) – Voters in Chickasaw County will cast ballots on Tuesday in the race for coroner.  The special election was called when longtime coroner Michael Fowler resigned.

Interim County Coroner Larry Harris,  Funeral Director Whitney Lancaster, and former coroner Andy Harmon are all vying for the job.

Harris served as deputy coroner and was named interim coroner when Fowler resigned.

Harris is also a paramedic supervisor at NMMC and says he views the coroner’s office as an opportunity to help others.

“I not only sign death certificates, I’m there for the family. I’m there to see them through their bereavement, to pray with them, to honor their wishes,” Harris said.

Making a difference is a theme running through all 3 campaigns.

Andy Harmon served five terms as county coroner.  He is also a former law enforcement officer, volunteer fire chief and he is local businessman.

Harmon says he brings a  lot of experience to the office.

“You got to have a team effort in any type of investigation, law enforcement, coroner’s office, state crime lab.  I will serve citizens of Chickasaw County and build a team of certified deputy coroners, to assist in timely response and manner,” Harmon said.

Whitney Lancaster is the youngest funeral director in Chickasaw County.  She also served as secretary in the coroner’s office, and she is a volunteer firefighter.  If elected she would be the first female coroner for Chickasaw County.   Lancaster believes her experience as a funeral director has prepared her for the coroner’s job.

“I have been in the funeral business for five years, April will make six years.  It’s a way for me to give back to my community.  I have met so many new people.  I’m honored that people have trusted me to help them through the darkest time of their life, and I want to continue on because I feel like God placed it on my heart to do more for my community,” Lancaster said.

Any registered voter in Houston and Chickasaw county can cast a ballot in the coroner’s race.  Now, to avoid a runoff, a candidate must get fifty percent, plus one vote.

Polls are open from 7 until 7.  We will have results Tuesday night on WCBI News and on

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