COVID-19 continues its strike on younger people

There are now 20 thousand kids under quarantine.

JACKSON, Miss. (WCBI)- Young adults and teenagers are making up a majority of the recent cases according to the state department of health.

At least 29 schools have returned to virtual learning this school year.

There are now 20 thousand kids under quarantine.

Data shows children ages six through ten are seeing significant transmission.

5 people under the age of 18 have died from the virus.

“The more that we ramp up cases, these tragedies are going to multiply,” said Dr. Thomas Dobbs of the Mississippi State Department of Health. “It’s just going to happen. Yes, most kids will get over it just fine. Only about five percent of the kids have longed COVID but if it’s your kids it’s a 100 percent tragedy for you and your family. We will see more because we’re continually increasing numbers. We don’t have any anticipation that the number of cases in children is going to decline.”

Mississippi is seeing some progress.

Just last week, 70 thousand people were given the vaccine with 50 thousand of the shots being the first dose.


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