Cows & Their Forecasting Skills

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Columbus, Miss. (WCBI) – We’ve heard the saying over and over, if you see the cows sitting or gathered next to a fence, chances are it’s going to rain. Myth or not? We asked an expert!

The forecast was calling for highs in the 90s and no rain in site. And where did we find the cows? In the shade.

“You see these are in the shade now. What happened is, they realized when it gets a little above 80 degrees, they better head for the shade, it’s going to get too hot,” says Dairy Farmer Bill McGee.

William McGee has worked with cows for more than 75 years and raised 1,000s of cows! He says they can also give you a clue as to just how cold it will be as well.

“If it’s in the range of 40 degrees it lower they are all going to be turned the same way with the rear ends toward the wind. So you can look out the window and tell how many coats you need to put on,” says Bill McGee.

And is it true? Can they predict the rain chances to?

“When it’s going to rain, they generally will huddle around the pen. They are pretty accurate. Now the exact timing is sometimes difficult,” says Bill McGee.

It’s a gift that one could say they’re born with.

“Like all animals they’re born with a natural instinct to react to the environment that they’re in,” says Bill McGee.

And it’s not just the cows. He says dogs have that same natural instinct as well.

“If they hear any thunder in the distance they start heading to cover, most of them,” says Bill McGee.

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